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Slow Ski at Alpe Cimbra

Has anyone heard of slow ski? Natur…ally yessss… and what about nature… Nature…ski is something that you can experience at Alpe Cimbra. It means “live the snow in the slowliness”. With this brand, we invite our guests to slow down and embrace the beauty and peace of our alpine nature. Clients wonder about it and they ask how can we do this? When can we do this? Alpe CImbra tells you the secret. 

It has to be a chilled day… so, forget about your car and start using skibus or mountain train that take you straight to the ski area. Once you are there, just think about skiing immersed in the white natural atmosphere. It does not matter where you end up, as when you may wonder where you are, it could mean that you wish to have a break, possibly a food break. The ski area offers a significant variety of restaurants, mountain huts and bars and wherever you are, you enjoy a great cuisine, characterised by local products and regional specialties. It is worthwhile recommending to taste starred recipes based on Vezzena, the local cheese. Afterwards, you could possibly visit the fortresses of the Big War or, why not, simply relax and sunbathe.  


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