Guided tours with sled dogs at THE CENTER SLEDDOG in Passo Coe of Folgaria

Day “Approach to sleddog”

Tour lasts 15 minutes for children aged 3 to 6 years. The same will be transported in a special sledge in groups of two or three to a maximum depending on the weight, for a total weight of not more than 60 Kg.

PPrice each child € 15 VAT included

” My first Mush”
Guided tour with guide, dedicated to children aged 8 to 14 years. First experience driving a sleigh pulled by two dogs. A briefing about 15 minutes before the trip which explains the basic rules for sled, then the kids will follow the instructor on a course specially laid out for a ride of about 40 minutes.

Price each participant a € 40 VAT included

 Tour for Adults

This tour is dedicated to adults of all ages that are in good physical condition, of a weight not exceeding 100 kg; takes place with the same modalities of the previous using a greater number of dogs, from 3 to 4.

Price each participant a € 50 VAT included

Regard to the above is to be considered purely indicative, timing and mode of performance will be valued on site taking into account your particular needs.

Info e reservations:

Massimo cell. 333 3202305


 no booking costs