Telemark is the name both of the region where Norwegian skiing was born and of the oldest technique of downhill dating from around 1860. It is the most ancient method used to change the skis direction easily. It is a free way of skiing, which is also known as "free heel skiing". In fact this discipline allows people to ski on any kind of snow, in any condition, even without lifts help because the heels are free from the boots pressure so that skiers can walk too.

Telemark is suitable for all those who want to learn to ski in a different way.

The modern equipment is very similar to the old one, except for the materials. The ancient wooden skis and leather boots are now replaced by equipments alike downhill skiing ones: the ski bindings are framed in order to allow the bending, thanks to the unlocked heels, and the plastic made boots have tips longer than usual.

Telemark has recently become an Olympic sport, although it’s not really widespread yet.

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